Add the magic of Photoshop to your website or workflow

Our Photoshop API and extensions automate time-consuming design tasks, saving you hours, so your team can get back to doing what they do best: being creative.


Save time and money

Our Photoshop APIs deliver high-fidelity, low-cost solutions that scale. Get direct access to the engine powering the industry’s most intelligent and scalable photo editing workflows at a fraction of the cost.

Rediscover your creative freedom

From dozens of image cut-outs in the blink of an eye, to perfectly positioned ad copy in a dozen different dimensions and formats, to custom filters and presets for batches of images. What took hours, now take seconds, so you can be your best, creative self.

Build scalable solutions

Photoshop and Lightroom’s machine learning tools and services leverage the Adobe Sensei platform. Access our APIs to supercharge any photo editing idea you can imagine, at scale!

Supercharge your creative workflow

The creative world runs on Photoshop. Now you can harness the power of the world’s best imaging and graphic design software to transform your business via a flexible API and extensions built on 30 years of industry-defining innovation.


Image Cutout

Easily remove the subject from the background of any photo using Adobe Sensei



Create custom filters or use stock presets to enhance thousands of images at once with our Presets API


Auto Tone

Automatically enhances photos to perfection using Adobe Sensei, our AI/ML platform 


Smart Object

Manipulate smart objects and create stunning visuals using our Smart Object API


Text Layer

Edit and manipulate text without limits when utilizing our Text Layer API


Banner Ad Reflow

Our Banner Ad Reflow Extension allows you to create multiple banner ads from one design.


Photoshop Actions

Automate entire workflows using Photoshop actions and scale creativity by running them in the cloud.

Decision Maker

Save time and money and supercharge your creative teams. Leverage the power of Lightroom, Photoshop, and Adobe Sensei APIs to reduce production costs, increase fidelity on output, and empower your creative team to do what they do best: create.

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Pull together Photoshop, Lightroom and Adobe Sensei into one place. Reduce time spent in each app, freeing you up for more creative time.

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Quickly create apps that scale with clean documentation, sample apps, and code snippets to get you started.

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Adobe Photoshop API magic, now available in the cloud

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