Accessing Adobe Cloud Platform APIs Using Adobe I/O

Authenticate and access Adobe Experience Platform APIs

Follow this step-by-step guide to gain access to an Adobe Experience Platform developer account in order to make calls to Experience Platform APIs.

Access Experience Platform data

Locate, access, and download data stored within a dataset using the Data Access API in Adobe Experience Platform, as well as some of the unique features of the Data Access API, such as paging and partial downloads.

Data Governance and Privacy

Apply data usage labels to datasets and fields, categorizing each according to related data usage policies. Then, evaluate whether a marketing action on specific data constitutes a policy violation. Also learn how to coordinate privacy and compliance requests across various solutions using the Adobe Experience Platform Privacy Service.

Data Science Workspace

Create machine learning models to derive insights from Experience Platform data using Data Science Workspace.


Use APIs to manage Decisioning Service entities such as containers and instances that reside within the XDM Core Object Repository. Also learn to use the runtime services within Decisioning Service to compile decision models and execute decisions using APIs.


Learn to create different types of destinations and activate data. This functionality is available for users of Adobe's Real-time Customer Data Platform.

Ingest data into Platform

Learn how to ingest data into Experience Platform including batch ingestion, streaming ingestion, and ingestion using source connectors.

Profiles and identities

Learn how to configure Real-time Customer Profile and Identity Service for your organization and work with related entities including Profile-enabled schemas and datasets, merge policies, and edge projections.

Schemas and relationship descriptors

Use the Schema Registry API or Schema Editor user interface in order to create a schema, classes, and mixins. Also learn how to define a one-to-one relationship between two schemas using the UI or API.

Segments and audiences

Using the Adobe Experience Platform Segmentation Service, learn how to create a segment definition, evaluate segments using scheduled and on-demand evaluation, export segment data, and more.