Places enables app developers enrich their customer experience by integrating the location context.

Adobe Places REST API

The Places REST API lets you work programmatically with your organization's point of interest (POI). The POIs are organized into libraries so that you can easily create grouped actions on these POIs. The APIs allow you to create, update, and delete your libraries and the POIs in those libraries. These APIs use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) standards to format the data that is sent and received. 

Location Data in One Place

Manage a database of POIs with the ability to attach the metadata to each of the POIs. The metadata makes the POIs custom to your organization. These POIs can then be used throughout your Experience Cloud workflows. You can manage your database by using our REST APIs or by using the Places user interface.   

Location-Enriched Profile

Understanding where your users are located fundamentally changes how you understand and engage with them. Adding the Places extensions to the Experience Platform Mobile SDKs allows you to monitor geofence entry and exit events, even if the app is in the background, and also seamlessly attach the location context to the other events that you are tracking.

Customer Experience Delivery

Customers are looking for seamless experiences. With the Experience Platform Location Service and Adobe Experience Platform Launch, you can give customers exactly what they are looking for — when and where it matters most to them.

Web Services API

Create and manage POIs programmatically 

Query APIs

Return the current and nearby POIs to the device    

Adobe Places Service

Easily create and manage your POIs visually using the user interface.    

Places Extension

Returns POIs from your Places database to your app so they can be used in Experience Platform Launch rules.    

Places Monitor Extension

Manages the device location with the operating system and delivers entry and exit events to the Places extension    

Use Location Service as part of the Experience Platform Launch workflow

Use location events and context in Experience Platform Launch rules to take action in real time based on user interaction with your geofences.    

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